About It Factor

It Factor was founded when, Mark Stiller, former co-owner of Sexy Hair, was waiting (and waiting... and waiting!) for his wife to blow-dry her hair as they rushed to go out. He decided that there had to be a way to speed up the drying process. He initially looked into improving blow dryers' efficiency. However, despite research and experimentation, nothing produced a substantial difference. He decided to put his years of product development to work, teaming with R&D specialists at a top facility to see if they could create something truly special.

The ah-ha! moment came when they realized drying time could be significantly quicker by reducing the attraction between the hair shaft and water. This revolutionary VaporBoost SystemTM technology is the cornerstone of It FactorTM professional haircare products.

It FactorTM Professional Haircare is:

  • Based on a philosophy of innovation, uniqueness and outstanding performance
  • The FIRST and ONLY shampoo and conditioner combination to noticeably reduce drying time.
  • Formulated with our proprietary VaporBoost SystemTM, which speeds up the natural process of evaporation
  • Multi-purpose, leaving the hair clean, soft, shiny, healthy, bouncy, detangled and sleek.
  • Safe for all hair types including colored and chemically straightened
  • Free of harsh sulfates, parabens ,sodium chloride and alcohol
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